Newington Cemetery
Newington Cemetery
Newington Cemetery
Newington Cemetery
James Anderson

Featured for its sculptured medallion by John Stevenson Rhind

Grave of Robert Denholm

Robert Denholm's gravestone reflects the changing style of headstones. The column has been deliberately broken off to signify a life cut short.

James Finlayson

Founder of a major industry in Tampere, the second city of Finland

Ormond Haldane Garland

A 'fallen angel' restored on the grave of Ormond Haldane Garland

Walter Gowanlock

As part of Doors Open Day's food and drink theme in 2015 Walter Gowanlock was highlighted as the founder of a dynasty of Edinburgh butchers

Grave of John Howison

John Howison manufactured shawls and tartans at his premises in Drummond Street; he is also described as a woollen and linen draper. He lived at Rosehall, opposite the cemetery.

John Ridpath

Classics teacher at George Heriot's School

Alice and Frederic Salomon

Alice and Frederic Salomon, brother and sister, died just three years apart. They are buried in the first two plots of the cemetery's Jewish section, although they were not the first burials.